Friday, December 4, 2009

Eric's Fiber Tools!!

Yes!! Eric is making fiber tools!! I'm so excited I could climb the walls!! The first of each tool that he makes is mine and will be for product testing, this goes without saying. I mean, he does want clean underwear next week, right. Anyway he's made a wall mounted skein winder with a lazy kate of sorts that holds extra bobbins and has a mini fold out table to clamp a ball winder to. The skein winder does 2 yard and one yard skeins and the 5th peg is used as a handle. It's so much easier than that table top winder I have!!! He still has a little sanding and other minor things to do to finish it but you get the idea. I'm not sure if he's going to make more for the etsy shop or if he's just going to take custom orders since there is such a wide variation of bobbin sizes.....mine is made to fit Ashford bobbins so it wouldn't work for say a Schacht or Spinolution bobbins. Anyway, I love it!! My sweetheart (he's the one with the sawdust in his hair......that's so sexy ;)
is also working on hackle and comb sets. My hackle is almost done. Mine is bigger than the ones he'll make for the shop unless someone wants to custom order one with 6" tines....he said that was a pain but he'd do it. I can't wait until he makes the comb to go with this. Next he's going to make blending hackles!! Am I a lucky woman or what!! I keep pinching myself thinking I'm dreaming..........he's happy about all this since he's getting to work with wood again but he's not really sure it's going to pay the bills. We'll see.

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That sounds great. Especially the part about the first ones being your'