Sunday, May 17, 2009

Drinking in Public Festival & Misplaced Tortoise

Hello all! Yesterday, Eric and I took the kids to town to the Wine and Craft Festival that is held every year. There are ALOT of vineyards in Virginia........there's one here on the mountain a few miles down the road. You wouldn't think people would want to drive up a mountain just this side of nowhere to sit on a deck, look out over the vineyard at the mountains and drink wine but they do........lots of people. Eric and I think they should make people leaving take a breathalizer (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) test before they drive out of the gate. Anyway, I digress. So, we're at this festival and lots of people are drinking wine wandering from booth to booth with their glasses getting a refill. To say the least, we saw lots of tipsy people. It's the one day a year you can drink and be drunk in public in this town without getting arrested and I don't like wine. As with all festivals, the crafts were astronomically priced, there were way to many people for me, the food was expensive and excessively greasy, and it was hot. We had a great time!
I sat up bolt right in bed this morning and my first thought was "OH SHIT!" Not a great way to start the day. On Friday, we had taken George (our 7 year old tortoise for those who don't know) outside to get some exercise and graze on the dandelions and chickweed. I didn't bring him in Friday night and I didn't remember the kids bringing him in. Again, CRAP! I got up and went outside to look for him. As I stepped out on the porch I noticed Eric's beer was sitting cockeyed under the table. George has gone under there before when he was done outside........was it possible? Do we have a smart tortoise? I picked up Eric's beer and there he was..........yes, we have a smart tortoise. Of course, he wasn't going to wander far with a suit case of beer sitting on him, poor thing. Not to worry, George is safely in the house and has wandered over by Ethel to take his morning nap.......he loves Ethel for some reason.
I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger. I finished the socks I've been working on for what seems like eons and I finished the shawl I was working on. I have NO knitting projects going on at the moment.........this will last only a few hours as I have a pair of socks for Katie and a cardigan I'm going to start. I got some Suri Alpaca in the mail yesterday and it is gorgeous!!! I've got to find some time to card some batts with it today, it's just to lovely to sit. I redid my Blue Mountain Handcrafts banner for Etsy (yes, again) and my avatar. I think the new banner is ready for a test drive so I took the plunge and submitted it to Ravelry for advertising purposes. They have to approve it first so we'll see........I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Well, I better go check on the natives and round up the dirty laundry. Alex brought his gym clothes home so I need to find my taser so I can go in his book bag and look for kidding.
New avatar and banner!

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