Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi folks! Another quick post.......I'm so busy I don't know which end is up. I've opened a second Etsy shop. Yep, I've lost my mind. The jewelry was taking over the original shop so I thought it would be best to seperate the craft stuff from the sparkly stuff. The new shop is called BLUE MOUNTAIN HANDCRAFTS and the address is The original shop has been renamed (this is so original, I know) BETH1818 and the address is with brand new avatar and banner. Oh!!! I found out BETH1818 made the Etsy front page on the 5th and the 8th of April!!!!! I don't know about the 5th but today (it is the 8th isn't it?) it was on a 4:44 a.m. my time so I missed it. You can have a peek at it on the side bar of the blog.

So, for 3 days I've been transferring items from the old shop to the new. I'm on the edge of being a drooling gibbering idiot from uploading pictures and transferring info so I decided I'm giving some of the stuff away. The details are on my website and there's a link on the side bar of the blog. Good luck to ya and thanks for participating!

Alex is almost completely over the chicken pox and Katie hasn't caught them.........I think she's catching something else. Great. They have off all this week for spring break and have taken full advantage of sleeping in and not getting out of their pajamas except to take showers and change underwear. That's fine with me, saves on laundry. Eric and I have been working on the computers so much trying to get stuff listed I think our eyeballs are going to fall out. I've managed to get some of my knitting worked on and a little spinning done so I need to update the website with that stuff and Katie has built another mini (I mean really mini) clay town with all the bells and whistles so I need to take pictures of that too. I'm exhaused. What I really need is a drink and a nap. Oh well, back to work. On a SUPER GOOD NOTE, my jumbo flyer unit is suppose to come today YIPPPEEEEE. Maybe my frontal labodomy coupon will shop up today too;)

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