Sunday, April 26, 2009


Good grief it's hot!! Yesterday it got up to 97 degrees and today it's suppose to be hotter than that. I thought this was April not July!!! I got some dyeing done yesterday but Eric said no more on the stove top because the AC has to work twice as hard to cool the house. Hmm, maybe I'll try the sun method....... Anyhow, my house is a wreck (nothing new there) and I need to load up the van with stuff to take to the local auction house. Actually, we've been meaning to do this for about 4 weeks and things have piled up alarmingly. My house looks like the storage space for some weird eclectic museum. I still have several loads of laundry to do and I'm going to hand the clothes on the back deck to dry.........they're raising the rates on the electricity AGAIN so we're trying to think of ways to save here and there. Just as soon as someone finds a bumble bee in their underwear we'll probably go back to the dryer method electric rates be damned. Katie managed to twist her ankle at school so has been hobbleing around the house all weekend and also managed to get out of helping clean up. Makes me want to twist my ankle only I know I'm the only one to crack the whip as far as cleaning goes. Alex has an autobiography to write for school so it looks like I'll be cleaning by myself. Hmm, and they wonder why they hear me muttering foul words under my breath when I'm vacuming. Eric went to get the groceries before the temperature his "meltdown" and I'm hoping like hell he gets me some cookies. If it's to hot to dye wool on the stove it's to hot to make cookies and I have NOTHING sweet to eat. Things could get ugly. Okay, I'm off to do laundry, think about cleaning, and fill up the ice trays.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh Man! It's hotter there then where we live. We hit 87 and I thought that was bad. Makes you really dread summer doesn't it.
I hate hot humid weather.
Hang in there. Before you know it it will be December.