Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've had a fabulous weekend!!! I was able to get 3 white kitchen garbage bags full of Babydoll Southdown sheep fleeces in white and black (tipped with copper)!!! Stephanie contacted me, she has a small local farm , about the fleeces and I met her in town on Saturday. The fleeces are gorgeous (yes, they need to be washed but I'm not complaining) and it was great to meet Stephanie. I'm finding there are lots of really nice people in the world who have similar interests as I do and I'm very excited about that. For a very long time the only people I came across were worried about their clothes, their hair, their shoes, etc.........not my style. Anyway, I'm experimenting with little bits of the fleece to find the best way for me to wash and dry it with my limited amount of space. Eric even found it interesting and was coming up with some pretty good ideas.

Katie Bug and I decided we needed to make a mess in the kitchen so we picked out a few colors from my new dyes and played with dyeing some wool. I knew those cake pans I never used would come in handy. The wool came out great and we managed not to felt anything. Katie was really pleased with the bright colors.........she's a bit of a wild woman when it comes to color.

Eric took the kids to town with him grocery shopping and they were sooo excited. Yeah, really who gets excited about going to the grocery store? Well, it dawned on Alex yesterday that since it's close to Easter the grocery store would be carrying the Peeps bunny toys etc.............he LOVES those bunnies. I'm sure he wouldn't admit it to anyone at school (he is 12) or the fact that he already has an obscene number of them and sleeps with them all over his bed at night. He may be 12 with feet as big as boats but at heart he's still about 5, bless his heart. Well, I need to go make some roll up cases for etsy and put a dent in the laundry. You all have a great weekend!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Ohh! Lucky you all those lovely fleeces. Great job with the dyeing.

Beth said...

Thanks Phyllis! I'm having a ball with the fleece.........I have to go pet them every now and then. Katie and Alex just finished dyeing a skein of yarn each. Alex wants me to make socks out of his and Katie wants to crochet something herself with her skein. Everybody here has blue hands ;)

Pam said...

Ohh sweet mother of Jesus, You are more than welcome to send some of that fleece my way. I have plenty of room to wash one of those. thanks for reading my blog I thought I had better check out yours and I'm glad I did. I love your etsy shop also.

Lydia said...

Love the dyeing... I'm a sucker for bright colors myself. The fleeces look fun. I'm sure I'll end up with a few of my own down the line, not that I have room to wash them! Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog, btw!