Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tree

December 21, 2008

Well, we got our tree up yesterday. Eric insists on a big tree--6 footish---and we have a tiny living room. This means that we have to take the living room apart rearrange the furniture, put the tree up, and then put the living room back together. It was more fun than humans should be allowed. The tree is gorgeous!! I should be............the damned thing cost $69!!! I almost fell over. Yeah, it's got a great shape and is fluffy without being prickly but CRIPES!!! The house is totally Christmasyfied and as gaudy as we could make it.....our kids are still little enough to love a gaudy Christmas. Eric and I are almost done wrapping presents. When I went to get the kids at the bus stop on Friday he hid all the presents that hadn't been wrapped yet. I hope he remembers where he put them---he indicated they were scattered around a bit. This is how your kids end up getting hats and gloves and other things you originally got them for Christmas on their birthdays.

We woke up to a thin layer of ice on everything this morning so it's an indoor day. The kids are goofing off, Eric is prepping stuff for ebay, and I'm updating this site, adding things to Etsy, and trying to knit a little inbetween laundry and doing things with the kids. Alex and Katie are thrilled to be out of school for Christmas vacation. Alex has been sleeping in to 10:00 and I think Katie has had on the same PJ's for two days now............she has assured me she is changing her underwear. Hmmmm..... Well, I guess it's time to go make lunch and turn on the gaudy lights and the kitch musical bears ringing bells (they're so awful they're funny). You all have a nice weekend!

Later alligator,

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Lupie said...

I'm so glad I will be able to check your blog.
Could you cange it on Ravelry because that is how I check blog right on the group.